Elite Defense Earth Network (E.D.E.N)

The Elite Defense Earth Network (E.D.E.N) the world’s governing body that arose in the wake of the last great Earth War. After the last Great War and Mass Exodus, the United Earth Nations (U.E.N) the world’s and minor space colonies aging and current government dissolved. On the threshold of a new war, amongst the colonized worlds and divisions E.D.E.N was formed. Based similarly on the United Earth Nations (U.E.N), during the reconstruction era, many countries and colonies chose to help aide in the formation of E.D.E.N. After the last war, approximately with a surviving population the Earth was on the verge of a new dark age. Had it not been for their hard work, many regions may very well have slipped into total anarchy. In January of 2234, the New United Government formally established the creation of E.D.E.N. In its original form, E.D.E.N. was made up of representatives sent by the governments of the planet. The First General Assembly, began in February of 2035, it was made up of representatives from the various countries and sovereign nations a final push to end future wars and current disputes. The time was to set sites on space migrations and aiding versus warring, sharing and not hording information, science and wealth a true new age of mankind was what E.D.E.N. represents. During the war millions left Earth to the stars to escape the war ravaged planet but the millions that remained needed extreme changes from their governments the time for war was over.

By 2237 E.D.E.N was fully functioning government that was spreading with major success. Under E.D.E.N equality for all mankind was the fundamental rule, rebuilding the world a rule that E.D.E.N would enforce on a global level, the new champion of the people that would not be dictated and controlled by corporations and the wealthy but by the people. The formation of the Council of E.D.E.N was approved this council would consist of delegates from each country and nation with one council head. Over time nations merged and required less council members to represent the needs of their people, this helped simplify the process. Also smaller separate council set was formed to handle internal specifics, the Defense Council, Research and Development Council and Economic Council. E.D.E.Ns military might is made up of three distinct branches. E.D.E.N is a symbol of mankind’s tenacity and triumph over seemingly unfathomable odds. Its transparency to all people, give it credibility to Earth's new pioneers. Although formed on Earth its expanding umbrella goes to the stars and colonized worlds and newly formed governments/divisions of the human race. Under E.D.E.N worlds colonized during the Mass Exodus would be reunited and their banners would come under the umbrella of E.D.E.N.

Planet: Earth
Population: 1 Billion +
Earth is the core of E.D.E.N

Body Armors & Power Armors
Flight Suit Body Armor
Hard Suit Body Armor


Mobile Assault Pod (M.A.P) Watchdog
Mobile Armored Assault Pod (Tyrant)


Artificial Intelligence Droid (A.I.D)


Renaissance Type 1
Brimstone Type 1
Rough House


Characters of E.D.E.N

Power Armors and Expanders

Expander/ Power Armor Hardsuit Male
Standard Expander Hardsuit’s used by most Division’s of E.D.E.N. for male and female pilots.
Expander/ Power Armor Hardsuit Female
Standard Expander Hardsuit’s used by most Division’s of E.D.E.N. for male and female pilots.
The Watchdog proved its worth during the small outlaw breakouts. They are low maintenance and can run either on fuel, its own 10-year power pack, vehicle batteries, and solar energy, so power isn’t a problem.
The Slammer aka Mobile Armored Assault Pod is a larger and more heavily armed tactical assault pod that is twice the size of the Watchdog and used by various divisions in E.D.D.E.N and colonies. It has more firepower beyond the standard M.A.P/Watchdog. The Slammer is built with two heavy arm units each containing one large-bore gatling cannon and one small-bore beam cannons and also is equipped with an electron beam cannon on it’s front underside. Like the Watchdog, the Slammer is ground based cannon within a planetary atmosphere but can function in space but cannot fly.
Artificial Intelligence Droid (A.I.D.)
The AI D (Artificial Intelligence Droid) are an achievement of science and technology these humanoid faceless robots each possess an individual artificial intelligence, their personalities and opinions are just as distinct as any humans. Although their appearance looks more robotic than human, it doesn’t change the bonds that are built with their human counterparts or companions.

Ships & Stations