Raxon Universal Domninion is the brain child of Writer/ Artist Thomas B. Johnson II, in collaboration with Writer/ Artist Demone Amerson. To bring this project to fruition we have commissioned the combined talent for Artworks, Digital Coloring & Inking of

Tyrone Jackson
Roy Mitchell Eavins II
David White of Mechzone
Chris Rheault
Amanda Cha
Ivandale Pasustento
John Becaro
Oliver Leang
Jarvis Sheffield
David Hohensee
Vincent Coviello
Mark Marvida
Marvin Marvida
Johanes B Permadi
Felipe Fraile
Henry Aponte P.
Jim Bell
Verena Ebner
Ridwan Chandra
Brandon Dunn
Igor Zhovtovsky
Mr Seishen
Sean Wang
Jonathan Elash
Tam Nguyen
Kevin Koesnodihardjo
Jun Joe Monares
Alonzo Von Threet
Herbert D. Javier
Donald Yatomi
Sean Bianchi
Remy Paul
Without these great people this project would have never gotten this far or been possible. 

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