Crimson Star

During the early era of the colonization of Mars, several strong families of government officials had skillfully built their political and national characters of the new Mars nation around the ideal that it is the best of humanity to organize and create a leading government of the Mars people to protect the rights of the citizens from any hostile takeovers from opportunistic governments from Earth. Over the decades they have been manipulating the Mars citizens into believing that the need for a strong and ruthless military force is required for such protection. As the mars population grew so too did the size of the hidden army and weapon stockpiles, the military became increasingly active in all facets of Mars society. The lowliest ranking was regarded as a dedicated, national hero entrusted with law enforcement, civil defense and the protection of the Mars way. The new formed military not only engaged in all aspects of defense but also oversaw most scientific research and development, as well as the dissemination of technology, education and propaganda. The goals and actions of the army could not be separated from the governing body of the Mars States or its people. Decades of aggressive military expansion followed and grew into a world power, what was beginning to unfold the Mars War Machine that came to be known as Crimson Star.

Population: 435,862,753

The first actual planet of colonization, Mars became the jewel many sought to make a new life. Great migrations to the planet upon its terra-forming completion took place. Many great families and nations too advantage of this and began forming mining corporations, defense contracts, and expansion developments for the growing populace. Alloys that were found on Luna were found on Mars that aiding in its economical climb. Taking much less time to terra-form Mars became nicknamed E-3 short for Earth #3. Now with the second largest population Mars as become a “Super Power” to E.D.N and one of it’s most powerful planets and Divisions.

Colonization Process:
Phase 1: Five Year Construction of the Atmosphere Modifiers on Mars.
Phase 2: Two Year Activation of the Atmosphere Modifiers
Phase 3: Seven Year Construction of Bases and Mining of Minerals and Alloys
Phase 4: Two Year Deployment of Atmosphere Control Satellites and Research Colonies
Phase 5: Seven Year Atmosphere Stabilization Trial Timeframe of Water and Vegetation
Phase 6: Twenty Year Colony Trial Period
Phase 7: Three Year Final Trial Assessment Period
Phase 8: Three Years later Colonization completed.

Titanium Type 2

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