Armor Tide

Armor Tide, the Division that was formed on planet Milantius, after the migration of worlds began. Amor Tide is known as one of the most powerful weapon manufacturing Divisions in E.D.E.N it is the heart and soul of planet Milantius. Armor Tide utilizes many underground automated factories to churn out the parts, vehicles expanders and ships. Some of their components are some of the most rugged and sophisticated hardware created. Much of the work of this primarily manufacturing division is keeping current machinery running at capacity while attempting to uncover and reactivate other lost parts of its division and E.D.E.N. The huge leap in Armor Tide history over the last few years has been the two-fold result of strong research and development and the uncovering of more advanced manufacturing techniques within the bowels of Milantius. The importance of constant advancement is constant driving force behind the governments of Armor Tide. They have an almost cult like obsession with the manufacturing of weapon systems. Manufacturing, Division Engineers, Operators, and even mechanically aware technicians are forever reinventing and reengineering, finding newer, faster, cheaper ways of doing things. Black markets have appeared and it’s believed that they have been the results of defectors of Armor Tide’s delegates and weapon engineers. During the Division Wars there was ever only one attempt to step foot on Armor Tide ground 25 battle cruisers were destroyed in orbit of Milantius by Armor Tide’s planetary defense weaponry. Smarter divisions knew not to make that mistake, one that resonated throughout the other divisions as a true wakeup call that Armor Tide has that name for a reason.

Population: 85,113,844

Planet Milantius is a distant world that has become the backbone support of E.D.E.N. With its modest and growing populace Milantius has become a militarized world. Milantius is a world of slow growth in population but has efficient manufacturers of weapons technology. Other Dividions, traders and even pirates have attempted to gain access to weapon developments on Milantius through government as well as weapons engineers and manufactures. New alloys have been discovered on Milantius with a multitude of applications from medical to even core parts in Psychic & Psionic dampeners. Milantius has the second highest thriving population of Psychics, Telepaths and Psionics.

Colonization Process:
Phase 1: Five Year Construction of the Atmosphere Modifiers on Milantius.
Phase 2: Two Year Activation of the Atmosphere Modifiers.
Phase 3: Six Year Construction of Bases and Mining of Minerals and Alloys.
Phase 4: Two Year Deployment of Atmosphere Control Satellites and Research Colonies.
Phase 5: Eight Year Atmosphere Stabilization Trial Timeframe of Water and Vegetation.
Phase 6: Nine Year Colony Trial Period.
Phase 7: Seven Year Final Trial Assessment Period.
Phase 8: Six Years later Colonization completed.

Blue Matter Type 1

Characters of Armor Tide

Power Armors and Expanders

Cinder Wolf
Armor Tide Female Armor_thumb
Cinder Fox Power Armor
This Cinder Fox is a highly mobile, powered booster battle, suit which was specially developed for the female officers. This Female Battle Suit is, without a doubt, top of the line in agility. Its unique design incorporates high speed mobility, maneuverability and versatility on even rugged terrain.
Cinder Wolf Power Armor
The Cinder Wolf is Armor Tide’s introduction into the Power Armor arena of development. Although nicely armored it’s a lighter infantry power armor that doesn’t loose power or armor. Commonly referred to as the simply as the "Wolf," this power armor is designed to be deadly as both a mass combat infantry unit and small squad operative.
Sky Dancer
The Sky Dancer was built by Armor Tide as a high maneuverable aerial combat weapon part expander part jet. Its versatility in those aspects gave it the upper hand during mankind’s last war. They have been brought out of retirement and modified for the war against the Garamedri and Torva Hydax and still proved to get the job done.
Mortar Boy S 4
The Mortar Boy Series 4, Sandstorm developed by Armor Tide, is one most heavily armored and versatile of the Mortar Boy series. This impressive expander’s designed to function in extreme heat and desert conditions as well as all environments including outer space, underwater, and even possesses limited flight capabilities. Directional jets are built into both legs and feet for mobility in space and underwater.
The A.T.A.C (All Terrain Attack Carrier) Series 1 better known as the Tick, is a small all-terrain, expander that walks on 4 insect like legs. It has a lower profile which enables it to be transported relatively easy, hide in small places, stalk and leap, it’s also fast. Its primary functions are reconnaissance and light infantry.
Planet Keeper S 1
The Planet Keeper Series 1 aka Big Gun was developed E.D.E.N’s Division Armor Tide and mass-produced. It was originally supposed to be used as a heavy back up unit for the smaller Mad Dog to further aid the Special Police Task Force. As time went on, and the war began it was utilized by E.D.E.Ns Military scaled divisions. Although slower the Big Gun packs an astounding amount of firepower and armor as well as physical strength. It is capable of either long-range combat or can engage in hand to hand. It proved to be affective against ground and slower air attacks. Although it too is vulnerable to fast aerial attacks, its dense protective armor and weapons systems along with a rotary torso proved to give it great versatility in combat. The Big Gun would soon replaced the Mad Dog as far as front-line defense.

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