Alpha Turbine

The Division Alpha Turbine founded on planet Ganymede as a part of the old yearning for independence and its recognition. Traditions, language and institutions set them apart from the other divisions. As fate would have it, centuries after the Ganymede colonization, the people of Ganymede yearned for independence and strived to preserve their unique identity from Earth. The colonists were very fortunate they built their own governments in short periods of time. Many of E.D.E.Ns “Earth Council feared that the colonist of Ganymede would secede and turn up themselves and succumb to pestilence, violence and become a leper planet filled with disease and chaos that could spread to other colonized worlds killing many and inflicting destruction, none of which came to fruition by the Earth Councils speculations and fears. In fact Ganymede’s citizens fared much better than other world initial colonization’s. Over the decades standing cities, thousands became millions that migrated to Ganymede to become its citizens. It was time for Ganymede’s people to stake a claim in the universe.

They formed their Division and named it Alpha Turbine, which were the names of the two largest cities on Ganymede. Alpha Turbine would face many challenges during the centuries that followed in a time during the Division Wars, when anarchy reigned. Much of the city Alpha was destroyed and rebuilt many times. It often teetered on the brink of collapse, and year upon year it was practically decimated. Eventually the city’s foundation was re-laid and fortified to the Alpha City of today. Alpha Turbine soon became known as a battle hardened division. Their weaponry was not as powerful but the skills they used in combat gave them the ability to put choke holds on others which gave the ability to outlast anyone in war. In time Alpha Turbine would manage to once again, prosper and rise to power. Establishments and large communities are protected by heavy fortifications. The military division of Alpha Turbine has grown immensely and rebuilding and recreating is an ongoing venture on Ganymede. Military Police, Expander Tactical Force and a Space Elite Tactical Force were adopted thus increasing not only their ability to defend themselves but if need be go on the offensive. With the war with the Garamedri and Torva Hydax, Alpha Turbine plays key roles in reinforcements and battle tactics.

Population: 22,942,118

Ganymede is a world of a high population with abundant resources. Its population has saw a steady increase over the years. Development and growth has also been on the rise with continued mining businesses and expansion. Ganymede also houses many strategic locations. With a high abundances of alloys there is no shortage in the manufacturing of expanders and warships. There are many exclusive trade deals with other Divisions on rare alloys.

Colonization Process:
Phase 1: Five Year Construction of the Atmosphere Modifiers on the Ganymede.
Phase 2: Two Year Activation of the Atmosphere Modifiers.
Phase 3: Five Year Construction of Bases and Mining of Minerals and Alloys.
Phase 4: Two Year Deployment of Atmosphere Control Satellites and Research Colonies.
Phase 5: Ten Year Atmosphere Stabilization Trial Timeframe of Water and Vegetation.
Phase 6: Twenty Year Colony Trial Period.
Phase 7: Five Year Final Trial Assessment Period.
Phase 8: Three Years later Colonization completed.

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Characters of Alpha Turbine

Councilwoman Mariana Lucinda_thumb
Council Woman Mariana Lucinda
A huge part of Councilwoman Mariana Lucinda’s success in building and motivating the Alpha Turbine Division. Her seasoned fiery dedication and fierce, intense commitment contributes to an overall sense of excitement, importance, and power. An intensity and blind commitment that has them all caught up into the heat of the moment. She has a fire that bums that lets them know they are part of something great.

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